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Department of Nephrology is amongst the oldest nephrology services in private care setup in Pune.

Involved in patient care through clinical nephrology, haemodialysis, peritoneal dialysis, critical care nephrology and kidney transplant, it provides both, indoor and outpatient care for patients with kidney disease.

Number of haemodialysis sessions are performed every month which includes outpatient haemodialysis, indoor haemodialysis, and SLED modalities for dialysis in ICU patients.

Other specialised services offered by the department include tunnelled cured haemodialysis catheter (Permcath) and temporary dialysis catheter insertion, and percutaneous biopsy of the native kidney and kidney allograft.

Dr. N. C. Ambekar
Dr. Nikhil Rathi
Dr. S. V. Ukidave
Dr. Tushar Dighe