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The Neurosurgery department treats all neurosurgical conditions, with experienced consultants and supporting staff, and has always been at the forefront of the introduction of new techniques and technologies. The Department can pride itself in being able to deal with all benign and malignant brain tumours in all locations including Endoscopic transsphenoidal surgeries for pituitary and skull base tumours. Surgeries for vascular ailments like aneurysms and AVMs are done with expertise.

Stereotactic surgeries are available. Prompt and dynamic treatment is offered for patients with head injuries for diagnosis, monitoring, and surgical treatment. Neurosurgery department deals in treatment of surgical and medical spinal problems. Various ailments like atlantoaxial dislocation, cervical disc prolapses, spinal tumours, lumbar disc prolapse, syringomyelia, spinal dysraphism, etc. are offered neurosurgical treatment.

Dr. Ashok Bhanage
Dr. Nitin Londhe
Dr. Nikhil Talathi
Dr. Patwardhan